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  OrbiSat da Amazonia S.A. is a technology based company, specialized in remote sensing, electronic equipments and radars for aerial and ground surveillance. A Brazilian company, with industrial facilities in Manaus (Amazonas state), and with technological and commercial centers in the cities of Campinas (SP) and São José dos Campos (SP).
OrbiSat develops superior innovative solutions to meet their customers' needs.



Founded in 1984 under the name of Databus Engenharia Ltda, the company started its activities in São José dos Campos (São Paulo state) developing instrumentation and electronic engineering projects in the fields of fixed line telephony, medical instrumentation, ATM cards automatic test systems, industrial control and automation, and radio-navigation equipments.
In 1996, already under the name Databus Sankay Ltda., it began the producing a line of receivers and equipment for satelite TV reception under the brand name OrbiSat, industrial control and automation and radio navigation equipment.

In 1996 already under the name of Databus Sankay Ltda, it started the production of a series of receptors and models of TV signal reception equipments Via Satelite

Two years later its assembly line was transferred to Manaus (AM), and OrbiSat da Amazônia S.A was founded. Since then, the engineering, administration and sales activities were concentrated in São José dos Campos while the equipment production started to be done in the industrial complex in the city of Manaus. In 2002 the company started its activities in the Remote Sensing area and developed an airborne InSAR radar (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar), which has, since then, performed cartographic mapping services in many countries in the world. In 2006, OrbiSat established its Surveillance Radar, with aerial and ground control division, having already delivered some units to the Brazilian Army.


Social Responsibility

Since 2005 the company supports educational activities and professional instruction at Creche Nica Veneziane which looks after about 54 children who living in difficult social conditions in São José dos Campos.

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